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Philosophy Tutor — Welcome!

Philosophy Tutor

I'm Phil Joyce; philosophy tutor to university, college and school students worldwide. Welcome to my online philosophy tuition website!

I'm a full-time, independent philosophy tutor; so the success of my private students, is my sole professional consideration.

I help my students not only to reach their full academic potential, but also to enjoy philosophy as a fascinating and rewarding discipline.

Whatever academic challenge you've set yourself in studying philosophy, I hope the site provides the guidance you're looking for.

At any time, you can access free philosophy podcasts, videos, and articles by following these social media pages: Follow Philosophy Tutor on Facebook Follow Philosophy Tutor on Twitter Google+ Follow Philosophy Tutor on YouTube (Buttons to these pages are always available in the left-hand column of the website).

If you require an experienced philosophy tutor and examiner to help you with your studies, I'd be delighted to receive your email: Philosophy Tutor Enquiry

University Philosophy Tutor

University Philosophy Tutor

I'm an experienced university philosophy tutor, having taught at the University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University and at the University of Reading.

As an online philosophy tutor I now teach philosophy to university students worldwide.

I've taught a number of undergraduate philosophy courses, and marked many hundreds of exam scripts; so I understand the challenges and difficulties that studying philosophy at university can present.

  • Preparing for finals
  • Struggling with a midterm paper
  • Planning a dissertation
  • Difficulty understanding a new topic
  • Problems writing philosophically

University-level philosophy can be extremely demanding, and sometimes a university's teaching arrangements are not as good as we'd like them to be. I'm here to help.

If you need a university philosophy tutor to help you with your studies, by all means email me for a free consultation: University Philosophy Tutor Enquiry

College Philosophy Tutor

College Philosophy Tutor

Having been a college or High School-level philosophy tutor for a number of years, I recognise how difficult the study of philosophy as a new discipline can be.

Students are very often not only struggling to understand the new world of philosophical ideas; but they may also lack the fundamental skills of critical thinking, and of writing essays that sustain a reasoned argument.

My college and High School-level philosophy tuition helps my students not only to grasp unfamiliar philosophical arguments, but also to express their own thoughts with clarity and rigour.

Here are some of the many reasons my students seek a college-level philosophy tutor:

  • Learning to write philosophy papers
  • Understanding a particular philosopher's arguments
  • Preparing for a philosophy exam
  • IB philosophy extended essay
  • Introduction to logic and critical thinking

I also help those college-level students who discover a love or aptitude for the subject prepare their university philosophy applications.

If you need a college-level philosophy tutor to help you with your studies, by all means email me for a free consultation: College Philosophy Tutor Enquiry

Philosophy Tutor for Children

Philosophy Tutor for Children

An increasing number of educationalists are recognising that children can benefit significantly from the study of philosophy, even at a relatively early age.

Children's critical thinking skills quickly develop with philosophy tuition and this frequently leads to collateral improvement in other school subjects.

In particular, children's clarity of expression and organisation of thought directly benefit from philosophical training; and this guides all other modes of rational enquiry.

Philosophy tuition for children can be especially beneficial in helping to prepare them for school admissions exams.

Depending on your child's circumstances, I'm sometimes able to advise on preparing for the critical thinking aspects of the 11+ exam

If you would like to discuss your child's philosophical education, by all means email me for a free consultation: Philosophy Tutor for Children Enquiry

Choosing a Private Philosophy Tutor

Choosing Philosophy Tutor Image

A great benefit of engaging an online philosophy tutor is that tutors of the very highest calibre become available to you, wherever you are in the world.

In the long run, it's not worth compromising your philosophical education by engaging a local philosophy tutor offering apparent savings.

Here are some criteria to consider when selecting a private philosophy tutor:

  • Does your philosophy tutor have a doctorate from a university of international repute?
  • Does your philosophy tutor have many years of teaching experience, or is he or she a recent graduate dabbling in teaching?
  • Is your philosophy tutor also an experienced university and college philosophy examiner?
  • Is your philosophy tutor a full-time, dedicated private tutor, or is he or she trying to fit you in after (or during!) their day job?
  • Does your philosophy tutor offer morning, afternoon and evening slots, at weekdays and weekends, across international timezones?
  • Does your philosophy tutor disappear at the end of term, when you need philosophy tuition the most?
  • Does your philosophy tutor maintain social media pages detailing free philosophy study resources?
  • Has your philosophy tutor taken the time to spell out standards of service, and terms and conditions?
  • Can your prospective philosophy tutor provide student testimonials?
If you are considering engaging a private philsophy, simply email me for further information and advice: Choosing Philosophy Tutor Email

New Philosophy Tuition Study Resources

Philosophy Tuition Resources

Below is a selection of posts from the Philosophy Tutor site's social media pages, mainly concerning open-access philosophy study resources.

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If you're a philosophy tutor yourself and know of any new, helpful philosophy tuition resources, by all means post your recommendation below.

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