A-Level Philosophy and Ethics Tutor (OCR)

I'm a highly experienced and successful independent, online tutor for the OCR board's A-level Philosophy & Ethics.

Prior to that I taught philosophy of religion, and ethics, at the Univeristy of Oxford. I was also an external examiner for the OCR.

A frequent question I'm asked is "How do I get an A or A* at A-level?".

I've developed a tuition system for my A-level students, focused on achieving excellence in exams.

The main focus is on understanding the examiners' A01 and A02 assessment objectives, and then learning how to craft essays that meet, or even, exceed them.

If you require tutorial support for your OCR A-level Philosophy & Ethics, then by all means email me: (OCR) A-level Philosophy Tutor & Ethics Enquiry

A-level Philosophy & Ethics (OCR) Tuition System

My system of tuition for both the AS and the A2 A-level Philosophy & Ethics, has four main components:

  • an initial essay writing masterclass,
  • regular and frequent essay writing practice,
  • occasional topic tutorials,
  • mock exams and timed, hand-written essays.

The philosophy essay writing masterclass teaches the core knowledge and skills needed to answer the OCR's exam questions. This includes an introduction to the examiners' A01 & A02 assessment objectives.

These fundamental essay writing and exam techniquue skills are then developed by writing a series of essays, carefully selected to develop their understanding of each topic systematically.

Each essay is returned with:

  • colour-coded contextual endnote comments,
  • a summarising comment,
  • a breakdown of grades against the A01 and A02 assessment objectives,
  • and an overall grade for the essay.

So the reading, planning and writing of each essay, followed by reflection on my comments, is a rich, formative learning experience.

We do have occasional tutorials; to introduce a new topic, or to discuss an essay that has not gone too well. However, their effectiveness should not be exaggerated. The greatest improvements come from developing the core skill of writing exam-style essays through regular, monitored practice.

As the exams approach, we switch to hand-written, timed essays under exam conditions, answering mock exam questions

If you'd like to discuss your A-level Philosophy & Ethics studies, then I'd be delighted to receive your email: A-level Philosophy & Ethics Tuition Enquiry

AS Level Philosophy & Ethics Tuition (OCR)

The OCR board's AS level Philosophy & Ethics specificaton emphasises the "rigorous study of religion" and the ability of candidates to "reflect on and develop their own values, opinions and attitudes in the light of their learning."

The rigour comes from analysing and evaluating philosophical arguments; and the development of values, opinions and attitudes is a consequence of coming to a critical judgement on key issues precisely as a result of this analysis and evaluation.

The OCR AS level comprises two papers Philosophy of Religion (571) and Religious Ethics (572). These are divided into the following topics:

Philosophy of Religion (571)

  • Ancient Greek influences on philosophy of religion
  • Judaeo-Christian influences on philosophy of religion
  • Traditional arguments for the existence of God
  • Challenges to religious belief
  • Philosophy of religion

Religious Ethics (572)

  • Ethical theories: introduction
  • Ethical theories: Natural Law
  • Ethical theories: Kantian ethics
  • Ethical theories: utilitarianism
  • Ethical theories: religious ethics
  • Applied ethics: abortion, euthanasia, genetic engineering, war and peace
If you require AS philosophy and ethics tuition, I'd be delighted to receive your email: AS level Philosophy & Ethics Tuition Enquiry

A2 Level Philosophy & Ethics Tuition (OCR)

The OCR board's Philosophy & Ethics A2 level specification emphasises the same aims and objectives as the AS level; however, as a comparison of the assessment objectives shows, much greater emphasis is placed on the evaluation of argument.

A2 Philosophy & Ethics is split into two corresponding papers:

Philosophy of Religion (581)

  • Religious language
  • Religious experience
  • Divine attributes
  • Life, Death and the Soul

Religous ethics (582)

  • Ethical topics and theories: meta-ethics
  • Ethical topics and theories: free will and determinism
  • Ethical topics and theories: nature and role of the conscience
  • Ethical topics and theories: virtue ethics
  • Applied ethics: environmental and business ethics, sexual ethics
If you require A2 level philosophy and ethics tuition, I'd be delighted to receive your email: A2 level Philosophy & Ethics Tuition Enquiry
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