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Logic has been central to philosophy since Aristotle.

As a professional philosopher I have taught formal logic, philosophical logic and the theory of knowledge at the University of Oxford, and for the University of London's External Philosophy Program.

I'm a tutor for the OCR A-level in Critical Thinking, and the AQA A-level in Philosophy.

I also help students applying to study philosophy at the University of Oxford prepare for the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA).

My critical thinking and logic tuition combines assignments (textual readings and exercises) with tutorials using Skype.

If you require online logic tuition from an experienced tutor I'd be delighted to receive your email: Online Logic Tuition Enquiry

Philosophical Logic Tutor

Philosophical logic, as the name implies, is the philosophical study of the central concepts of logic: truth, meaning, validity, soundness, analyticity, etc.

It also encompasses the study of the varieties of argument: deductive, inductive, abductive, informal, etc.

My doctoral thesis, at the University of Oxford (graded 'high international standard'), was in the philosophy of meaning.

I have taught philosophical logic at the University of Oxford, and for the University of London External Philosophy Program.

If you require a online philosophical logic tutor, I'd be happy to receive your email:: Online Philosophical Logic Tutor Email

Formal Logic Tutor

Formal logic is the study of those formal languages that attempt to capture, or formalise, our intuitively valid inferences.

The development of formal logic, from Aristotle to the present day, is therefore, in large part, the development of increasingly more sophisticated formal languages that capture a wider range of inferences.

I have taught formal logic at the University of Oxford, and for the University of London's External Philosophy Program.

I teach Syllogistic Logic, Propositional Logic and first-order Predicate Logic.

My thesis for my masters degree in computational linguistics, at the University of Cambridge, involved a computational implementation of Montague Semantics using the lambda calculus.

If you're looking for an online formal logic tutor, then I'd be delighted to receive your enquiry: Formal Logic Tutor Email

Online Logic Tutor for University Logic and Reasoning Courses

Many undergraduate and postgraduate philosophy courses now either require students, or strongly advise them, to take a foundation logic course.

As a part-time logic tutor for the University of Oxford, and for the University of London's External Philosophy Programme, I am familiar with, and provide logic tuition for, the following courses:

University of Oxford: Introduction to Logic
University of Oxford: The Philosophy of Logic and Language
University of Oxford: Frege, Russell, and Wittgenstein
University of London: Logic
University of London: Philosophy of language
University of London: The philosophies of Frege, Russell and Wittgenstein

If you would like tuition from an online logic tutor, to help you with your university of college logic course, then I'd be delighted to receive your email: Online University Logic Tutor Email

Propositional Logic Tutor

Propositional logic is also known as propositional calculus, sentential logic or calculus and truth-table logic or calculus.

I base my propositional logic tuition on both Languages of Logic by Samuel Guttenplan, Blackwell and Logic Manual by Volker Halbach, OUP; the logic tuition texts favoured by the universities of London and Oxford respectively.

I tutor logic using a combination of logic exercises and short written pieces on related aspects of philosophical logic such as soundness, validity and proof.

If you would like an online propositional logic tutor to help with your studies, then please email me: Propositional Logic Tutor  Email

History of Logic Tutor

The history of logic and the development of logical languages, from the ancient Greeks to the present day, is a fascinating topic in its own right.

As a logic tutor I often teach the subject from a historical perspective; using W & M Kneale's magisterial The Development of Logic.

I find that logic tuition is often improved by learning each logical language as part of a natural progression; and also, it often helps to be able to make historical connections to other important, related subjects such as metaphysics, epistemology and the philosophy of language.

If you would like a philosophy or logic tutor to focus more on the history of the subject, then please email me: History of Logic Tutor Email
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