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Philosophy Podcast Archive   Philosophy Podcasts

This is an archive of ‘singleton’ philosophy podcasts that have appeared previously on my main, searchable philosophy podcasts page.

They're single, recommended philosophy podcasts that were not originally published as part of a philosophy collection, and which I might therefore lose track of.

The philosophical quality of all the collections is high. Those collections marked with a Studio Recorded Philosophy Podcasts are podcasts that are evidently studio-recorded, rather than simply recordings of lectures or discussions.

If you can recommend any philosophy podcasts not currently on the page, I'd be delighted to hear from you: Philosophy Podcasts Email

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Philosophy Podcasts Archive

I'm collecting here single, recommended philosophy podcasts that were not originally published as part of a philosophy collection.

PPE - The Morality of Markets Studio Recorded Philosophy Podcasts
"Andrew Marr discusses the relationship between markets and morals with the political philosopher Michael Sandel; and the economists Diane Coyle and Grigory Yavlinsky."
Podcast of May 2012 BBC Radio 4 broadcast

Philosophy of Mind - The Personal and the Subpersonal
Daniel Dennett discusses his recent reflections on his distinction between the personal and subpersonal. Originally a distinction between levels of explanation.
Podcast of May 2012 lecture at the Institute of Philosophy, London

Ancient Philosophy - Plato's Republic Studio Recorded Philosophy Podcasts
"Written about 380BC, Plato's Republic is still our blueprint for thinking about the relationship between justice and the state. But who exactly is the "philosopher king" that Plato envisages? Did he really advocate infanticide? And who will "guard the guardians"?"
May 2012 Guardian 'Big Ideas'

Applied Philosophy - Business Ethics Studio Recorded Philosophy Podcasts
"Clare Melford, CEO, International Business Leaders Forum, argues that Buddah should be in the boardroom. She explains what CEOs need to learn about the tenets of Buddhism to make their businesses thrive while being sustainable."
Podcast of May 2012 BBC radio broadcast

Political Philosophy Podcast - Human Rights Studio Recorded Philosophy Podcasts
"Do "human rights" really exist, when they can be so easily taken away, asks Will Self."
Podcast of April 2012 BBC radio broadcast

Political Philosophy Podcast - Religious Intolerance Studio Recorded Philosophy Podcasts
"Martha Nussbaum, a professor of law and ethics at the University of Chicago, talks about overcoming the politics or fear in an anxious age."
Podcast of April 2012 WAMU interview

Political Philosophy Podcast - Feminism" Studio Recorded Philosophy Podcasts
"Anne McElvoy and guests with a special programme on feminism: writing, philosophy and the body. Anne is joined by Susannah Clapp the author of "A Card from Angela Carter", the writer Janice Galloway and literary critic Suzi Feay. And Anne discusses whether the philosophical under-pinnings of feminism need adjustment with the philosophers Nancy Bauer and Meena Dhanda the feminst activist and writer Bidisha and Charlotte Vere founder of the think tank Women On."
Podcast of April 2012 BBC radio broadcast

Ancient and Moral Philosophy Podcast - Happiness and Wellbeing" Studio Recorded Philosophy Podcasts
"Jules Evans explores what ancient Greek and Roman philosophy can tell modern society about wellbeing. He celebrates the link between modern psychotherapy and the wisdom of Socrates, the Stoics and other ancient philosophers but warns that the new politics of happiness is in danger of becoming illiberal. Jules is the author of author of "Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations".
Podcast of April 2012 BBC radio broadcast

If you know of any one-off philosophy podcasts not currently in this section, or part of an established collection of philosophy podcasts, by all means contact me, either via the comments facility below or by email if you prefer: One-off Philosophy Podcasts
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