11+ Philosophy Tutor

11+ Philosophy Tutor

The 11+ examines children's capacity for rational thought and the ability to reason about unfamiliar subject matter. These skills have been at the heart of philosophy since the ancient Greeks.

As a highly experienced philosophy tutor I teach critical thinking and logic to pupils of all ages, and can help prepare your child for the 11+ examination.

My 11+ tuition specialises in integrating the development of both reasoning and English skills, so that your child's powers of expression keep in step with the capacity for rational argument.

There is increasing evidence to suggest that by learning critical thinking skills, children of 11+ age benefit across the curriculum.

If your child attends a non-selective state school in a local authority ranked low by School Social Mobility Indicators, I may be able to advise on preparing for aspects of the 11+ exam.

If your child requires philosophy tuition for an 11+ exam, I'd be delighted to receive your email: 11+ Philosophy Tutor Enquiry
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