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I'm an experienced A-level philosophy and ethics tutor and retired examiner, providing tuition and coaching to committed students.

I taught philosophy of religion, and ethics, at the University of Oxford, before becoming a full-time, independent tutor.

I help my students not only to reach their full academic potential, but also to enjoy philosophy and ethics as a fascinating and rewarding discipline.

Perhaps you need an A grade to secure your university place, or you're striving to achieve an A*, or maybe you under-performed in an exam, and have decided to retake.

Whatever academic challenge you've set yourself in studying A-level philosophy and ethics, I hope the site contains the guidance you're looking for.

At any time, you can access free philosophy podcasts, videos, articles and courses by following these social media pages:

If you require an experienced A-level philosophy and ethics tutor and examiner to help you with your studies, I'd be delighted to receive your email: A-level Philosophy Tutor & Ethics Enquiry

A-level Philosophy & Ethics Tuition

Several examination boards include significant elements of philosophy within their A-level Religious Studies.

This is typically divided into two equally-weighted units: Philosophy of Religion and Religious Ethics.

Their specifications emphasise the complementary acquisition of both philosophical knowledge and skills; in particular, the capacity to deploy that knowledge in a sustained, reasoned argument.

There is also a strong expectation that your philosophical understanding, of both religion and ethics, be supplemented with textual knowledge of a relevant sacred text, e.g. the Bible.

I'm familiar with, and teach, all of the syllabi of the examination boards offering A-level Philosophy & Ethics.

If you would like help from an experienced A-level Philosophy & Ethics tutor and examiner, by all means email me: A-level Philosophy & Ethics (OCR) Tutor Enquiry

Masterclass: How to write an A-level Philosophy & Ethics essay

Each of my students benefits from a one hour masterclass in how to write A-level philosophy & ethics essays.

We focus, principally, on how to structure philosophy essays that meet the examiners' assessment objectives. For only if students understand the assessment objectives, and write their essays in such a way as to satisfy them, can they hope to attain the elusive A and A* grades.

As an experienced philosophy examiner, not only at A-level, but for the International Baccalaureate, and various UK universities, including the University of Oxford; I'm well-aware of the many ways in which candidates squander precious exam marks.

The masterclass also imparts tips on efficient writing technique that can save valuable time in the A-level philosophy exam.

Those students with an aptitude for writing good philosophy essays might like to enter the various school philosophy essay prizes. Winning a prize, or receiving a commendation, can be rewarding in its own right; but it can also enhance your university application.

To book your one-to-one A-level philosophy& ethics essay writing masterclass, simply email me: Philosophy & Ethics Essay Masterclass Email

A-level Philosophy & Ethics Tuition System

My A-level philosophy & ethics tuition is based on a considerable body of evidence, from educational psychology, that answers the question: "How do I achieve an A or A* at A-level philosophy & ethics?"

Students benefit most from a cycle of reading, writing and reflecting on constructive criticism. Listening to others explain philosophy, be it television, video, podcasts, or one-to-one tuition, is a relatively ineffective form of learning.

Accordingly, I recommend that all students begin with a one hour A-level philosophy & ethics essay writing masterclass. This teaches them the fundamentals of writing good philosophy exam answers.

Students' philosophy essay writing is then honed by a series of essays chosen to illustrate the various exam essay types. Each essay is returned with several levels of comments and assessment.

I of course provide one-to-one tutorials, when needed: often to introduce a new philosophical topic, and sometimes to discuss an essay that have not gone too well; but the bulk of my philosophy tuition is confined to essay feedback.

As we approach the exams, we switch to hand-written, timed mock exam essays, to fine-tune exam technique. In the final days before the exams I'm on call as an 'emergency philosopher'!

If you require A-level philosophy & ethics tuition, I'd be delighted to receive your email: ?? Email

A-level Philosophy & Ethics Tutor for Distance Learning Tuition

I am an online A-level philosophy & ethics tutor, specialising in teaching distance learning philosophy. My students vary from school and college pupils who require extra tuition, to mature students who are studying A-level philosophy independently of any educational institution.

Although there is a wealth of good study resources available on the internet for the distance learning A-level philosophy student, the problem is knowing which are reliable.

I am constantly updating my Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages with links to reputable podcasts, videos and articles that are relevant to the A-level specifications.

My online A-level philosophy tuition uses a combination of email, social media posts, and Skype (an internet-mediated system for free, international video-conferencing calls, that can be easily installed on your computer).

If you would like an online A-level philosophy & ethics tutor using distance learning study techniques, then feel free to email me: Online A-level Philosophy Tutor Enquiry

A-level Philosophy & Ethics Tutor for Home Study

Many candidates are engaged in home study for their A-level philosophy & ethics exam, independently of any formal institution.

Home study candidates include: pupils who are exclusively home-schooled; students who are retaking their A-levels, without the support of their school or college; and mature students who are studying A-level philosophy & ethics for personal interest.

I'm an experienced A-level philosophy & ethics tutor to home study students and provide much of the help and support that those outside of mainstream education often lack: including advice on preparing university applications.

I use a variety of online and distance learning techniques and media to widen the learning experience of my home study students.

If you're considering A-level Philosophy & Ethics by home study, and would like help from a specialist A-level Philosophy Tutor and Examiner, then I'd be delighted to receive your email: A-level Philosophy & Ethics Home Study Enquiry Enquiry

Remarking A-level Philosophy & Ethics Exam Scripts

If you have doubts about the grade that you have been assigned by your A-level Philosophy & Ethics examination board, then as an experienced tutor and examiner I can provide a second opinion.

I have been providing independent tuition for A-level Philosophy & Ethics students for many years, and have considerable experience of diagnosing students' weaknesses.

My feedback will provide detailed contextual comments on each paragraph, an overall summary comment and a breakdown of grades against the A-level Philosophy & Ethics assessment objectives.

We can also discuss the possibility of applying for remarking or planning a study strategy for resitting.

If you would like me to review your A-level Philosophy exams scripts, then by all means email for details: Remarking A-level Philosophy & Ethics  Exam Scripts Email
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