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I have devised an effective method of online philosophy tuition for my private students, based on the Oxford tutorial system.

The tuition system is easily adapted to suit school, college and university philosophy students worldwide.

It combines my experience as a University of Oxford philosophy tutor with my expertise in distance learning.

There are more details of my online tuition system below.

If you require online philosophy tuition from an experienced tutor I'd be delighted to receive your email: Online Philosophy Tuition Enquiry

Discussing Your Online Philosophy Tuition Needs

Before embarking on a course of online philosophy tuition I typically have a preliminary chat with students; at no charge.

The allows us to discuss your needs and motivations, and, if necessary, for me to devise your personalised study plan.

The study plan forms the backbone of the tutorials comprising your online tuition, and in most cases consists of essays and mock exam questions.

If you would like you discuss your online philosophy tuition requirements, then I'd be delighted to receive your email: Philosophy Tuition Discussion Email

Oxford Tutorial System Applied To Online Philosophy Tuition

The best advice that I ever received from my philosophy tutors was "write often!". For it's only when you commit your ideas to paper that you begin to see more clearly where the difficulties lie.

My method of online philosophy tuition follows this advice, and is based on the tutorial system widely used at the University of Oxford; where I took my doctorate, and where I was a part-time philosophy tutor to undergraduates.

I select essay titles, based on past exam papers where appropriate; then for each essay:

  1. I send you the essay title with readings, if appropriate; or you select your own title.
  2. You write the essay and email it to me.
  3. I return it to you with:
    1. Approximate grade
    2. Summary comment
    3. Detailed, colour-coded contextual comments
  4. You read my comments and reflect upon them.
  5. If necessary, we have a 50 minute online tutorial discussing the essay and any further points that have arisen from your reflection.
If you'd like a series on philosophy essays and online philosophy tutorials, please email me: Online Philosophy Tutorials Email

Skype Philosophy Tuition

The majority of my online philosophy tuition is conducted via Skype, which is a free internet service for international phone and video calls.

I often use Skype's screen-sharing facility to talk student through slides, which I then email afterwards.

We can also use Skype's group function for philosophy 'Webinars', where two or three online students join in discussion.

Skype screen-sharing works particularly well for logic tutorials, where I need to take students through formal argument proofs.

If you'd like personal online philosophy tuition using Skype, by all means email me: Skype Philosophy Tuition Email

Online Philosophy Tuition Available In All Time Zones

My students arrange their online philosophy tuition by first consulting my online diary.

I'm a full-time, independent philosophy tutor, so I'm not trying to fit you in around my 'day job'.

I'm available on a variety of weekdays, weekend days, daytime and evenings, so that students from around the world can find a convenient time for their online philosophy tuition.

We have tutorials as and when you need them; and they can be arranged either on a regular, scheduled basis or ad hoc.

If you're looking for online philosophy tuition in your international time zone, please email me: Worldwide Philosophy Tuition Email
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