College-Level Philosophy Tutor

College Philosophy Tutor

I have taught philosophy to college students, worldwide, for a number of years.

One of the rewards of teaching philosophy at college-level is to introduce students to philosophy, see them warm to the subject, help them apply to study philosophy at university, and then see them graduate with their own philosophy degree.

I have experience of teaching many of the world's college-level philosophy examinations; and have been an examiner for several of them, including the International Baccalaureate.

If you require a college-level philosophy tutor, simply email me with your query: College-Level Philosophy Tutor Enquiry

A-level Philosophy Tutor

I'm an experienced A-level Philosophy tutor, specialising in coaching students aiming for an A or A* grade. I offer an integrated approach which includes advising on UCAS applications to study philosophy at elite universities.

There are two avenues for studying philosophy at A-level. The AQA Examination Board offers a pure A-level Philosophy. Several examination boards offer Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Ethics as part of their A-level Religious Studies syllabi.

I am an experienced tutor for both kinds of philosophy A-level, and have been an external examiner for the OCR board.

If you would like help from an experienced A-level Philosophy tutor, then I'd be delighted to receive your email: A-level Philosophy Tutor Email

IB Extended Essay Philosophy Tutor

Prior to becoming a full-time, independent philosophy tutor, I was an external examiner for the IB's extended philosophy essay.

One of the problems candidates commonly face is that their essays read more like unstructured discussions, than sustained arguments.

My IB extended philosophy essay tuition therefore focuses on encouraging students to evaluate and analyse philosophical argument and counter-argument.

This can sometimes mean that what appear, initially, to be promising topics for an extended philosophy essay, turn out to be less so.

If you would like help and advice with your IB extended philosophy essay, I'd be delighted to receive your email: IB Extended Essay Philosophy Tutor Email

Cambridge Pre-U Philosophy & Theology Tutor

Having been a part-time philosophy tutor at the University of Oxford, teaching philosophy of religion to philosophy and theology undergraduates, I'm well-placed to understand the demands of the Cambridge Pre-U Philosophy & Theology syllabus.

The quality of students' philophical writing nearly always boils down to one thing: the quality of their philosophical argument.

So a great deal of my Pre-U philosophy tuition centres on helping students identify the strengths and weaknesses of various philosophers' arguments; and then to write Pre-U essays that are, themselves, sustained arguments.

If you would like help with your Pre-U philosophy exams or studies, by all means email me: Cambridge Pre-U Philosophy Email

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Philosophy Tutor

Completing a philosophy EPQ is a great way of demonstrating your commitment to studying philosophy at university.

A philosophy EPQ is therefore a helpful addition to your university philosophy application.

A well chosen philosophy EPQ can also complement your other college-level studies. For example, an EPQ in aesthetics could have a beneficial impact on subjects such as English literature, Creative Writing, Art and Art History.

The key to a successful philosophy EPQ is an understanding of the nature of argument: for your project ought, itself, to be a sustained philosophical argument.

If you'd like your philosophy EPQ reviewed by an experienced pair of eyes, or would like to discuss possible topics, simply email me: EPQ Philosophy Tutor Email
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