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I've written an undergraduate dissertation, two masters theses and a doctoral thesis, to the highest standards, at elite universities.

My doctoral thesis, at the University of Oxford, was judged by my examiners to be of a "high international standard".

So I know what's required for philosophical research to reach a successful conclusion; and I'll bring that same expertise and commitment to your philosophy thesis, or dissertation.

Whatever stage you've reached with your philosophy thesis or dissertation, I hope the site and my services provide the help and advice you need.

At any time, you can access free philosophy podcasts, videos, articles and courses by following these social media pages:

If you'd like your philosophy thesis or dissertation edited or proofread by an experienced, professional philosopher, then simply email me to arrange a time for a free consultation: Philosophy Thesis Editing Enquiry ?

Philosophy Thesis Help

I offer three main kinds of help to students writing their philosophy thesis. Which service you require will likely depend on how advanced you are:

The editing service incorporates both the other two services, and the proofreading includes the text checking.

I also advise on philosophy research skills, provide philosophy tuition in specialist areas, and regularly give masterclasses in philosophy thesis planning and completion.

If you require help and advice on completing your philosophy thesis or dissertation, simply email me: Philosophy Thesis Help & Advice Enquiry

Philosophy Thesis Copyediting

As an experienced university philosophy tutor and examiner, my thesis copyediting can make substantive suggestions for improvement.

I can provide both strategic feedback on your thesis' overall structure and detailed criticisms of particular arguments and claims.

I make colour-coded, contextual comments; indicating the strength of each recommendation. So you'll know precisely where you need to prioritise your efforts when you re-edit your thesis.

The dissertation copyediting service includes both proofreading and text checking.

If you would like an experienced tutor and examiner to copyedit your philosophy thesis, by all means email me: Philosophy Thesis Copyediting Enquiry

Philosophy Thesis Proofreading

A final proofreading of your thesis or dissertation will give your writing that all-important polish.

Good proofreading is more than simply picking up typos, important though that is; it's about striving for presentational consistency throughout all aspects of the thesis.

That means addressing a range of concerns: grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes; consistent section heading styles; citation schemes; to name a few.

At its most meticulous, this can mean identifying and rigorously imposing a set of independent standards.

This website, for example, adheres strictly to established international conventions. Each page can be verified against the appropriate standard by clicking on the relevant button in the page's footer.

I'll bring this same attention to detail to the proofreading of your philosophy thesis or dissertation.

If you require an experienced philosophy tutor, examiner and editor to proofread your thesis, I'd be delighted to hear from you: Philosophy Thesis Proofreading Enquiry

Thesis Text Checking: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Simply using your wordprocessor to spell check your thesis leaves your writing vulnerable to some notorious errors. A classic misspelling in philosophical writing, for example, is to type 'causal' as 'casual', by simply transposing the 'u' and 's'. Consequently using an automated spell checker will detect neither this, nor many other kinds of typos that commonly afflict philosophy theses.

Precisely because of the intimate relation between language and thought, philosophy thesis examiners attach greater importance to grammar, than do many other examiners in the humanities. Structural ambiguities, in particular, will cast a thesis in a poor light because it will indicate a lack of sensitivity to the possible nuances of meaning.

Philosophers set great store by clarity and rigour. Expressing difficult philosophical ideas, with poor punctuation, makes the examiner's job much harder; and you will likely be penalised for it. Philosophy thesis examiners are particularly intolerant of a failure to distinguish between uses, mentions and quotation of words; so applying a consistent rule with respect to the two types of quotation marks is important.

It is therefore important that the text checking of your philosophy thesis is undertaken by a professional philosopher who understands these particular demands.

If you would like your thesis or dissertation to receive a final grammar, punctuation and spell check, from a professional philosopher trained in sentence parsing, I'd be happy to receive your email.: Philosophy Thesis Grammar, Punctuation and Spell Checking Enquiry
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