Undergraduate Philosophy Tutor

Undergraduate Philosophy Tutor

I've been a philosophy tutor to undergraduate students at the University of Oxford, the Univesity of Reading and Oxford Brookes University.

I'm also an experienced onine philosophy tutor for the University of London's International Philosophy Programme.

I've been an independent online philosophy tutor to students worldwide for over 10 years now. So far I've taught students from over 60 countries.

I offer a number of services to my undergraduate students, including:

If you'd like help with your undergraduate philosophy studies, wherever you are in the world, I'd be delighted to hear from you: Undergraduate Philosophy Tutor Enquiry

Undergraduate Philosophy Essay-writing Masterclass

Writing clear, cogent philosophy essays is a skill, like any other, that needs to be acquired through guided practice.

My undergraduate philosophy essay-writing masterclass covers:

  • the nature of logical argument
  • avoiding the four 'sins' of bad philosophical writing
  • approaching different question types
  • planning your essay
  • using quotations, examples and key terminology
  • taking notes efficiently

In addition to other study materials, students receive a short guide to writing philosophy paragraphs, and if required the essays that I subsequently set are selected to consolidate this understanding.

If you would like to schedule the undergraduate philosophy essay-writing masterclass, by all means email me: Undergraduate Philosophy Essay-writing Masterclass Enquiry

Undergraduate Philosophy Essay Marking

I have marked undergraduate philosophy essays and exam scripts at the University of Oxford, the University of Reading and Oxford Brookes University.

I'm part of a network of experienced university philosophy tutors. Most essays I'll mark myself, but if the topic is unusual and unfamiliar to me then I'll call on one of my colleagues to help. In this way you're assured of the very highest standard of marking and feedback for your philosophy essay.

By reflecting on my comments your understanding of the topic, and your philosophical writing, will improve considerably. My essay marking comprises:

  • approximate undergraduate grade
  • detailed contextual comments on each paragraph
  • overall summary comment

I'm normally able to return essays within 24-36 hours but in case I'm away from my study I advise you to give me as much warning as possible, especially if your topic is unusual.

If you'd like your undergraduate philosophy essay marked simply email me for a quotation: Undergraduate Philosophy Essay Marking Email

Undergraduate Logic Tutor

Many university undergraduate philosophy courses require their students to study formal logic in their first year.

This is an excellent foundation for the analysis and construction rigorous philosophical argument.

Students with a background in the mathematical sciences tend to find formal logic easier than those with a grounding more in arts or humanities subjects.

I have taught formal logic at the University of Oxford to undergraduate students, and have been helping students online worldwide for many years.

If you require help with your undergraduate logic studies, I'd be delighted to received your enquiry: Undergraduate Logic Tutor Email

University of London External Philosophy Tutor

The University of London has, for many years, successfully run an External Philosophy Programme for students worldwide to study philosophy by distance learning.

It offers the same syllabus as London-based philosophy students, and students sit exams in local exam centres worldwide, organised by the University. Fees are very considerably less than for face-to-face students.

The University provides course materials, but students must arrange for their own philosophy tuition. I've been a philosophy tutor for London External students for many years and students of mine have gone on to masters study.

If you're thinking of applying to the University of London's External Philosophy Programme or have already enrolled and would like tuition, I'd be delighted to receive your email: University of London External Philosophy Tutor Email
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