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I have been a university philosophy tutor and marked undergraduate exam scripts at the universities of Oxford, Reading and Oxford Brookes.

I'm now an independent university philosophy tutor to students worldwide, in over 60 countries.

I provide philosophy tuition services to both undergraduate and postgraduate philosophy students. Some of my private students are studying at university on campus, others are studying philosophy online by distance learning.

University-level philosophy can be extremely demanding, and sometimes a university's teaching arrangements are not as good as we'd like them to be. I'm here to help.

If you'd like help with your studies from an experienced university philosophy tutor, email me for details of my services: University Philosophy Tutor Email

Undergraduate Philosophy Tuition

I offer a variety of undergraduate philosophy tuition services. From philosophy essay-writing masterclasses and topic tutorials to essay and dissertation reviews.

I also help students with their postgraduate philosophy applications: helping with research proposals and reviewing samples of work.

As a full-time independent philosophy tutor the success of my private students is my sole concern. I don't disappear at the end of term, but am available when your university support is lacking.

Each summer I help a number of first-year undergraduate philosophy students who have to resit one or more exams in order to progress to their second year.

If you need help with your undergraduate philosophy studies from an experienced university philosophy tutor, I'd be delighted to receive your email: Undergraduate Philosophy Tuition Email

Postgraduate philosophy tuition

My postgraduate philosophy tuition services are particularly popular with postgraduate students who are new to philosophy: those pursuing a joint masters with a philosopical component, and who are grappling with the exacting demands of philosophical writing.

For advanced postgraduate philosophy students, who have completed significant study of philosophy at undergraduate level, I'm part of a network of philosophy lecturers and post-doctoral university philosophy tutors. So if you have a topic that falls outside my areas of expertise, then I can call on others to ensure your postgraduate tuition is of the very highest standard.

If you're thinking of applying to study philosophy at masters or doctoral level, then I have considerable experience of the application process.

If you'd like help with your postgraduate philosophy studies from an experienced university philosophy tutor, I'd be delighted to receive your email: Postgraduate philosophy tuition Email

University philosophy tuition for online degrees

I am an experienced philosophy tutor to the increasing number of students who are studying for their university philosophy degrees online.

I combine my experience as a learning technologist with my university philosophy tuition experience to deliver an effective, tailored program of study.

A number of my students are studying for their online philosophy degree with me via the University of London's External Philosophy Programme.

If you're considering applying to university to study philosophy, and fees are a major concern then you might want to look at some of the online degrees that are now available.

If you're studying for a philosophy degree online, and would like help from an experienced university philosophy tutor, by all means email me: Philosophy tuition for distance learning Email
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